Riana van Staden was born and raised in South Africa. She always loved the beautiful landscapes of her country and this is where her love for photography and art started. Growing up on a farm she was always fascinated by the beauty in nature.

It was not long before she bought her first camera and later a digital camera to capture this fascinated world. For her it was always something more than just a landscape, something more than just a beautiful sunset, there was always colors and shapes and patterns, so much more to appreciate.

After more than 10 years of being a professional photographer, focusing on travel and landscape photography she started painting abstract work and landscapes, mainly the scenery in South Africa.

Now, after years of photograph landscapes, people and painting landscapes, she started creating digital art, but the main focus of all her work is still the finer detail, the splashes of color, shapes and patterns.

She use a method “Painting with Photography” through photo-editing software where she stack, layer and blend different photos together to create a final image that looks much more like a painting than a photograph.

When looking at any of her artworks you will always see a lot more than the first glance. If you look closer you will see that she love to work in earth colors, rust, wood, rocks, dark greens, bright yellow or dark reds, all colors of nature that creates beauty in its own unique way.

When she is using the patterns and shapes of nature, like the fine petal of a flower or a leave or piece of wood or the pattern of marble, she create portraits of women making their beauty part of the beauty in nature, flowing into each other, women and nature become one.

Her art varies from bright spring and summer colors to the dark browns, gold’s, ochre, yellow and the beauty of rust and marble.

Everything flows together creating beautiful artworks that will fit into any room, whether you love the sunny bright colors of summer flowers or the more dark patterns of wood or a piece of rusty metal, all will work well together, creating something special for any art lover and collector.

Her art is unique in the way that she never spare a beautiful face. She create her art that the face of the women become part of nature. You will always see flaws or marks on the face but the beauty will always be in every women’s eyes… the window of the soul.